Remote Medicine

Nereus Medical Solutions provides comprehensive medical services across the spectrum of maritime and austere environments.

  • Concierge medical support to private islands and resorts​
  • Customized care tailored to the needs of our clients
  • Emergency medical services as well as comprehensive medical care
  • Evacuation coordination to ensure a seamless transition to a higher echelon of care if required
  • We utilize cutting-edge telemedicine platforms to enable reach back to specialists, ensuring the highest standards of care

Maritime Medical Support

We provide customized solutions specific to the maritime environment to include

  • Medical Personnel to accompany you during your voyage
  • Medical support to film and maritime research projects
  • Diving support to include hyperbaric chamber services
  • STCW compliant mariner physicals
  • Customized medical kits and maritime training packages

Risk Mitigation & Disaster Response

Working closely with our partners in the maritime logistics industry, we can develop a disaster response plan to provide critical services to your location in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster.

  • Detailed site surveys and development of disaster response plans for yachts and remote islands/resorts
  • Pre-voyage in-depth medical planning and coordination with local healthcare facilities at your destinations to ensure you receive the most efficient and highest standards of care available

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